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Nora Frank ’14 is headed for Nicaragua with the Peace Corps

Nora Frank in Jordan


Warren Wilson College has a long history of sending graduates into the Peace Corps, whether soon after graduation or a bit down the road. Nora Frank ’14 is continuing that proud tradition.

Frank has been accepted into the Peace Corps’ health sector in Nicaragua and will deploy in March 2015. She will train in Managua for three months before moving to an assignment in another city or town, where she will spend two years.

“In Nicaragua one in four teens is pregnant,” Frank said, “and there is a lack of services provided for them. I will help educate teenage women on safe sex and the implications and responsibilities that come along with being a pregnant teen.”

After completing a bachelor’s degree in global/intercultural studies, Frank said a Peace Corps assignment seemed a logical step in her professional and personal journey.

“I applied to the Peace Corps because I wanted to continue traveling and to pursue my interest in helping others internationally,” she said.

“Warren Wilson has provided me with a great foundation for service, even as most of my service hours as a student were completed around the globe. I studied in Rwanda, Nepal, Jordan, Chile and Costa Rica.”

And next year she will be off to Nicaragua, on assignment with the Peace Corps.


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