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2014 Warren Wilson College Circus draws big crowds to Bryson Gym

Warren Wilson College is known for its educational model, the Triad. In the Triad, the combination of academics, work, and service make our College dependent on student involvement. In a place where we rely on our students’ hard work, there are a few times a year when we come together, celebrating what we have worked to build for ourselves and the community. One of those times is the Warren Wilson College Circus.

The Circus is an annual event that brings together students, faculty, staff, neighbors, families and friends. It’s an event that students deem, “One of the most important events of the year.” On May 3 and 4, WWC community members not only filled the seats in Bryson Gym, they hooped, clowned, danced, performed, set up, publicized and organized this year’s circus.

The crowd gathered eagerly both nights, filling Bryson shortly after the doors opened. With a stellar band and stunning performers, families and friends in the audience beamed with pride.

Performers practiced for weeks prior to the show, devoting time in their busy lives to create an extravagant experience. “This year’s circus is the biggest and best yet,” Dan Seeger, Student Activities Director, said. Audience members agreed. “I’ve been to the Warren Wilson College Circus before; compared to this year’s, they were underwhelming,” said senior Amy Klotz.

With precise acrobatics and aerial arts, hilarious student and faculty clowns, a perfect light show and intense energy from everyone involved, next year’s circus performers will have a big act to follow.

The community thanks all the performers, tech specialists, publicists, musicians and fans for making this year’s circus a spectacular one.

See more circus images.

Story by Emma Luster ’16
Photography by Lyn May ’17, Lily Paz y Miño ’16 and Abby Kathan ’15 


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