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Warren Wilson’s Sixth Annual Academic Capstone Carnival

The Sixth Annual Academic Capstone Carnival was May 5-6. You can view the recorded presentations from Jensen Lecture Hall here.

The Academic Capstone Carnival showcases the culminating research projects and internships of our senior class in a conference atmosphere. For two days, the third floor of Jensen, including the lecture hall, is taken over by panels of students from 14 departments demonstrating what they can do when they take over the process of their education.

The Capstone Carnival has become a traditional rite of passage—no less an essential part of Warren Wilson’s culture than freshman Service Day or the annual Work Day. The presentations you will see and hear highlight the creativity that comes from students’ experiences combining the insights from different disciplines, from allowing the experiences of Academics, Work and Service to spill into and over each other, ad from transcending the boundaries between the classroom and the community.


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