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WWC Work Day 2014: work, yes, but mostly fun, fun and more fun

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Student leader Christina Brown instructs the troops under the supervision of project leader Paul Bobbitt (front left) — Asheville Citizen-Times Photo by Erin Brethauer


As usual, the afternoon fun began outside Gladfelter Student Center, as announced by the King of the Bullhorn, aka WWC Dean of Work Ian Robertson. “Thanks for showing up,” he intoned to the large gathering of students, faculty and staff for Work Day 2104. As Woody Allen would tell you, that’s well over half the battle right there.

“The order of business for the day,” Robertson continued, “is fun… followed by fun… followed by more fun.” To which one Warren Wilson student naturally shouted out, “I like fun!”

True, the annual Work Day does involve quite a bit of work at numerous locations across the 1,130-acre Warren Wilson campus. And as usual, this year’s list of projects ran the gamut, from fence building to mural painting to car washing. But there’s no shortage of fun either, especially when the temps easily reach the 70s with plenty of sunshine. Water and sunscreen were in high demand throughout the afternoon, but after a harsh winter in the Blue Ridge Mountains few were complaining.

One of the many fun things about Work Day is that students often end up doing tasks completely different from their work crew assignments throughout the year. A member of the Library Crew, for example, may work on clearing brush from a hillside. An Electric Crew member may work on building a path.

Speaking of the latter, Tom LaMuraglia, Landscaping Crew supervisor, initially told students working on a Formal Garden pathway that “this is a spade, and this is a shovel,” thereby not taking anything for granted as he lofted the tools. Now that’s calling a spade… OK, you know the rest.

At day’s end, is there a better way to celebrate another successful Work Day than with a picnic, raffle, Work Award presentations and music at Morris’ Community Pavilion? Not likely, especially when sun is hitting the hillside.

Yes, the next day it’s back to the classroom, lab and regular work crews for WWC students. But as a change of pace and rite of spring, there’s nothing quite like Warren Wilson College’s annual Work Day.

Here’s a Work Day video and a photo gallery by Erin Brethauer of the Asheville Citizen-Times.

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