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Snow days bring work and play to our Blue Ridge Mountain campus

This week, because of frightening winter weather predictions, President Solnick issued an Inclement Weather Procedure. As expected, the snow fell and our campus accumulated around eight inches of powder. With snow sticking to the roadways all around the Blue Ridge Mountain region, the College made the decision to cancel classes at 11 a.m. on February 12. Classes were canceled again on February 13 with essential personnel only reporting to work.

Despite the allure of being snowed in, our Landscaping Crew was out sweeping and salting roads and walkways to ensure that the snow accumulation wouldn’t leave our campus inoperable. Dining Crew members reported to work to provide three reliable, hot meals for students. Previous snow storms this winter had left the College without power and water; this storm, while proving to pack a bigger snow punch, left students with two weekdays of snowy bliss.

“I’m excited to have a snow day at Wilson, I didn’t think we would ever get one; I really love the weather here,” said first-year student Cady Davis, before tobogganing down Dogwood pasture, blanketed in snow. One thing is sure: students are definitely enjoying the time off. Students are building snow people, sledding, building igloos and engaging in playful snow fights.


Many students are using the time to do schoolwork. “I’m so thankful for the snow day; it has given me time to work on my thesis,” said first semester senior Amy Klotz.

With hope, classes will be back on schedule soon. Stay safe, stay warm, and don’t drive unless it’s an EMERGENCY!


Story and images by the Media Crew: Emma Luster, Lyn May and Lily Paz y Mino.


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