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Recap: Cuba Study Abroad presentation in Sage Café

It was a full house last night in Sage Café as the room was filled with people eager to hear about the two-week study abroad course to Cuba over winter break. The semester-long course Intersections of Agricultural and Social Welfare Systems in Cuba: Paradigms and Paradoxes, with social work professor Lucy Lawrence and Farm Manager Chase Hubbard, invited students to engage in intercultural learning.

This experience created the opportunity for students to “learn how they fit into a complex world,” Lucy Lawrence said. They observed first hand the agricultural practices of Cuban farmers as well as the implemented social welfare systems on the Caribbean island. The students were able to participate in group activities and individual portfolio assignments through communication with agencies, farms, families and individuals.

This study abroad course clearly left a significant impact on students as they came back with a broader perspective on Cuban culture and the U.S. relationship with the nation. This trip left many of them feeling that “we have a lot more in common than we thought” said sophomore Molly Donihe.

Story and images by Lily Paz Y Miño 



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