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Landscaping and Fiber Arts Crews unite!

A perfect example of the Warren Wilson College community working together, Fiber Arts Crew has helped the Landscaping Crew to create safe and warm neck gaiters.

As the weather gets colder, it is difficult for the Landscaping Crew to stay warm when working outdoors. Because the Landscaping Crew can’t wear scarves while on the job (safety issues), Fiber Arts Crew has greatly helped the Landscaping Crew by making and donating neck gaiters so the crew can stay warm while being safe!

In the photo below you see (in order from left to right) Nathan Allen, Lucas Buller, Ben Surface, and Margot Root enjoying their new Fiber Arts Crew neck gaiters. Kept extra warm in the Landscaping Fortune House above the fire stove until needed during outdoor work, all of the crew members on Landscaping are sending many thanks to the Fiber Arts Crew for their gracious creation/donation to help the Landscaping Crew stay warm and continue what they do best–working outdoors to provide and maintain an attractive core campus that supports the College’s commitment to aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

Story and photo by Jen Janas.


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