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WWC associate dean Gary Hawkins named journal associate editor


Gary Hawkins, Ph.D., associate dean for faculty at Warren Wilson College, has been named associate editor of To Improve the Academy: The International Journal on Faculty Development. He will advance to the position of editor in two years.

The journal is published by The Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education, which is devoted to improving teaching and learning in higher education. Founded in 1975, POD provides its members with personal and academic relationships that are essential for professional growth. Central to its philosophy are lifelong, holistic, personal and professional learning, growth and change for the higher education community.

“POD, more than any other conference or body of research I know, forms community,” Hawkins observed. “It forms a common meta-field of faculty development that unites us across our many disciplines and institutions.

“POD and its members do this via a generosity – in research and in person – that is not common in every academic field. Every issue of To Improve the Academy is then itself an act of this generous research, designed to share our discoveries and to improve teaching and learning as widely as possible.”

In addition to his position as Warren Wilson associate dean for faculty: teaching and learning, Hawkins is an undergraduate writing faculty member at the college. He also supervises The Peal, Warren Wilson’s arts and literary magazine produced by a student work crew.


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