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There’s no shortage of weekly activities at Warren Wilson College

With the ongoing demands of liberal arts academics, campus work, and service to community, one might think Warren Wilson College students would have trouble accommodating extracurricular activities. But judging from any given week during the semester, that’s really not the case, long as there’s effective time management.

Take, for example, this sampling of regular goings on around campus on weekdays:

Monday – Water Aerobics.
Tuesday – Student Caucus.
Wednesday – Pilates Class.
Thursday – Ultimate Frisbee practice.
Friday – Everyone Cooks.

Of course, many other events – some onetime, some continuing – are scheduled each week, including Fighting Owls team practices and games. The variety of activities on campus is nothing if not impressive.

Yes, Warren Wilson College’s learning Triad keeps students quite busy. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to enjoy a change of pace here and there.


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