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Class of 2017 arrives on campus


The school year has begun at Warren Wilson College, with a freshman class that brings a wealth of diverse experiences to our campus in the Swannanoa Valley. On August 20, parents, students, staff and faculty helped the new class settle into the residence halls and get to know the campus.

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Dawn Medley’s remarks at orientation give you a look at the Warren Wilson College class of 2017.


You have traveled to Europe, the Himalayas, Nepal, Serbia, Haiti, China, Tibet, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Nicaragua, India, Guam, Thailand, Peru, Belize, Panama, Mexico, Indonesia, Mongolia, France, Brazil, India, Italy, Kenya, Chile, Spain, Tanzania, El Salvador, Israel, Ethopia. You are global.

You are class presidents, valedictorians, salutatorians, Eagles Scouts, Girl Scout, team captains.  You are leaders.

You’ve used your hearts, hands and minds to provide service, kindness and shelter. You volunteered at the Joplin Tornado, in Haiti, shelters, elementary schools, New Orleans, AmeriCorps, mission work, Special Olympics, your community and all over the world. You are the future of Warren Wilson College.

You’re quirky, unique, average, brilliant, smiling, scared, nervous, eager, and above all else, engaged. You have strong beliefs in feminism, animal rights, LBGTQ, organic, wellness, human rights, God, and many other things. You are individuals.

You love to read, journal, write, run, bike, swim, carve, garden, cook, sew, sing, make music. You’ve been competitive in every sport imaginable as well as hiking, beekeeping, dancing, knitting, robotics, and even sheep shearing. You are amazing.

In her closing, Medley delivered what are the Warren Wilson College golden rules:

Take care of yourself.

Take care of each other.

Take care of this place.


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