Warren Wilson College News

Writing Center moves to library

The Writing Center will soon be located in the library, occupying part of the space downstairs that formerly was technical services.

Writing Center Director Julie Wilson will be in Brian’s former office (Joy’s office before that). Mei and Ellenor will remain in their spaces as before and Teresa has moved upstairs into the serials office. Brian has moved to the Kessinger Room, which will also serve as the library’s new technology/teaching lab (the exact name, uses, and equipment of that space are a work in progress. You will hear much more about this later).

While Chris is on sabbatical from August to May, Mei, in her role of assistant library director, will serve as interim director. David will be in charge of all matters financial, BK will be building manager, and Heather will sign new and special topics course proposals. Liz Brace will organize the Harwood-Cole Memorial Lecture. Mary Malelu, night circulation supervisor and resource sharing assistant, is now full time, and you may see more of her in the afternoons.

A temporary, part-time library assistant will help with providing research support services while Chris is on sabbatical.


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