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Forestry Crew defeats Farm Crew in annual softball game

Forestry Crew won the 16th annual softball game last weekend, beating the Farm Crew 30-11. Forestry led off batting, scoring one run to the Farm’s three in the first inning. The next several were close, until Forestry pulled ahead with four runs in the fourth inning, nine in the fifth, and six in the sixth. The Farm attempted a valiant comeback in the bottom of the ninth, scoring five runs, but came up short. Though this makes the winning record between both crews equal at eight games, in the Chase/Shawn era, Forestry is ahead 4-2.


2 Responses to “Forestry Crew defeats Farm Crew in annual softball game”

  1. Jerry Jones:

    so this is a big deal, huh?

  2. Soliz Mayer:

    I don’t know why you would leave a negative comment. It’s important to both crews and is a Warren Wilson tradition. Keeping legacies going ties us to the past and leaves us feeling like we have connected with the history of past crews. It’s fun, we have crew bonding time, and we get to spend time with another crew that also cares for the land and natural resources, which just establishes more camaraderie. So keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the keyboard if all you have to say is something negative.