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Diadasias wins Buncombe Literacy Council Spelling Bee

Check out the photos here.

First it was Sage Cafe, seven rounds, and shibboleth.

Then, a week later, the Diadasias proved their campus win was no fluke. Warren Wilson’s champion spelling bee team achieved county-wide fame last Thursday when they defeated twelve other estimable teams in the annual bee of the Literacy Council of Buncombe County. “You’d think English majors would win the bee,” one English major mused after the victory. “But botanists know so much Latin!”

Indeed, our spelling biologists, the indefatigable Amy Boyd, Marie Orton, and Natasha Shipman, dissected every word that came their way. Endangered vocabulary? Leave it to the Diadasias to protect seldom-used words. Machicolate, archaeopteryx, galligaskins: such words sent other teams with their consolation prizes into the audience, but our bee-costumed heroes persevered.

In the end, after five rounds and in the second tiebreaker, the Diadasias outspelled the heretofore evenly-matched Westwood Word Warriors on a trio of head-scratchers: louche, exergue, and enokidake (Marie got to use her Japanese after all). The rest of us stood in awe of skills we thought had vanished along with white-out and those dictionaries where you had to flip through the pages.

It was a great Owl night all around. We raised over $500 for the Literacy Council’s work (thank you, numerous and generous contributors!), helping the Council reach their overall bee goal of $4500, and the crowd was wowed by a performance from Warren Wilson’s step team, who not only stepped but spelled while they were stepping. It’s true: you can see them, along with our winning spellers and their formidable competition, here on the blog of one of the teams we beat!

Better start studying now if you hope to try to unseat the Diadasias next April!

–Julie Wilson



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