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Campus communication resources

Following is an overview of our campus communications resources and how to utilize them. If you have any questions about these or external, cloud-based resources, get in touch with WWC Communications Director John Bowers, aka JB.

Campus events calendar
College meetings and events (club meetings, athletic contests, public lectures, concerts, wellness activities, etc.) should be posted on the campus events calendar, which is accessible from the inside page. Student Activities Director Dan Seeger moderates the calendar. Check out these tips for planning a campus event.

Public announcements via email lists

Mass emails, those sent to All-l, employee-l and student-l, are prohibited with the exception of bereavements, emergencies, major news items and campus-wide, college-related business. The following email lists are moderated by the communications director and select staff members:

All-l is for Public Safety alerts, health alerts, emergency messages, and messages from the College president and/or designee. During crisis situations, All-l is the most expedient and effective method of getting news to the campus community. It is not a list for advertising campus events.

Student-l is for official communications from Student Life, Student Caucus and administrative offices. It is not a list for advertising campus events.

Employee-l is for announcements from human resources and other administrative offices. It is not a list for advertising campus events.

Campus-l is an opt-in email list used for discussion among students, faculty and staff. It is not a list for posting event notices, classified advertising or lost & found items. If you would like to join the list, visit the subscription page and subscribe with your WWC email address. If you want to post a message to the list, you must be a list subscriber. As with other network resources, list users must abide by the network user policy.

Classified advertising, lost and found
You can log-in and post personal goods for sale, small jobs wanted/offered, and the like to the classifieds forum. For items lost and found go here.

Emergency Text Alert System

If you haven’t registered for the emergency text alerts, you can do so here. Registering with this system allows you to receive a text (sms) notification on your mobile phone in the event of a serious campus emergency. The system will be tested twice per year, but will not be used for any other announcements. Register your mobile device.

Visual Identity and Editorial Style Guide -
A clear and recognizable presentation of the College can go a long way toward communicating effectively with our audiences. Visual identity standards provide direction to those responsible for creating publications, advertisements and products that represent the College. They also help campus communicators, College Press personnel and contract graphic designers/printers consistently reproduce the name, colors and logo of the College.

For more information you can take a look at the campus communications webpage and give JB a shout.


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