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Question: Gladfelter Cafeteria equipment

Question: I think that most student workers this summer like the new changes in Gladfelter, but we have some questions. Where have the microwave, sandwich press, revolving toaster and waffle makers gone? We used this equipment frequently, and I think I speak for most people when I say I’d like to make a grilled cheese sandwich sometime soon. I really hope that these things come back when school starts. If they don’t, I’m not sure how the student body will feel.

Answer: I consulted with Brian O’Loughlin, General Manager for Sodexo Campus Services, to get the answers to your questions. His response is as follows:

1. We will have a microwave (the old one was broken at the end of last year) before the fall semester begins; we need to find a place to put it.
2. The deli will have a self-serve Panini press for grilled cheese sandwiches.
3. We just got a new waffle iron, and it will be part of our breakfast program beginning in the fall semester.
4. We currently have the pop-down toaster, and would like to try and stick with that. The rotating toaster was often abused by putting cheese and other objects in, and it would frequently catch fire. We will evaluate how the pop-down toaster meets the needs of the students.

If you have specific questions or concerns, it is usually best to ask them of the manager or director for that operation. If you do not feel that your issues have been adequately addressed, please feel free to call or write me, and I will do my best to respond.

Thank you,

Jonathan Ehrlich
VP for Administration & Finance


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