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Question: Karen Huntley’s departure

Question: While during the school year we students have many modes of discourse available to us, the summer presents no formal outlet for our feelings and concerns. For this reason, we, the student workers, have written this letter to express our distress at the loss of Karen Huntley.

Karen was arguably the most beloved member of the College community. Among the students, Karen has long been renowned for her physical presence, sagacity, forthrightness, and availability. Karen treated the students more like peers than pupils, expressing her sincere personal interest in us through her dedicated attendance to our needs and desires as workers.

Karen is also the College’s coal-mine canary: her loss, to us, makes clear that something is very much amiss here in our community. We fear that, if we continue to lose iconic community members like Karen, the community morale and overall dynamic will suffer greatly.

We student workers felt it imperative that our voices be heard in regards to this recent upset. We envision this letter as the beginning of a dialogue between the summer workers and PAC and hope that we may meet to discuss our individual concerns in full. We thank you for your consideration and eagerly await your response.

Submitted by The Council of Summer Workers

Answer: During her twelve years at Warren Wilson College, Karen Huntley has been a strong presence both in the Work Program Office and the community. The loss of Karen is a great one. Her decision to leave is personal; therefore, the College respects her decision and her privacy. To be clear, we can not discuss Karen’s departure; however, we do want to hear your concerns as summer workers.

We propose that students who wish to discuss summer worker issues meet with the Work Program and Student Life staff on Wednesday, August 1 at 6 p.m. in Canon Lounge for an opportunity to share your concerns.

Ian Robertson
Dean of Work


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