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Question: Rate of readmission

Question: I’ve been wondering lately what the rate of readmittance was for both students who do and don’t take a formal leave of absence, and if any of knew how that compared to other benchmark colleges. (Submitted by Glenn Richard Barr III)

Answer: I don’t fully understand Rick’s question but here goes. The acceptance rate of LOA students is 100% in that by the nature of the LOA process, they are approved for admission when granted an LAO, hence 100% of LOA are accepted and deposited at the same moment in time. For fall of 2011 we had 24 LOA accepted / deposited with 5 of them choosing not to enroll for a net of 19 LOA students reentering the College this past August.

For readmits, the former student applies and is considered among other new applications, albeit with a lesser amount of material needed as we still have test scores, transcripts, etc. on file. We had 22 readmit applications for fall 2011, 17 accepted, with 12 enrolling. The number is too small to draw any conclusions, but generaly, LOA’s have a plan and the plan includes returning to WWC at a time certain. Readmits can be as “young” as one semester and I have worked with a former student who was away from the College for 20 years or so. LOA’s are a max of two semesters.

Also, I have never seen this type of tracking in any national reporting systems…maybe it is there, but I have never seen this specific of a drill down number. ┬áIf Rick wants to chat about general LOA or readmit numbers from the admission side, I would be happy to speak with him. If Carol or Christa want to chime in about benchmark college they are welcome to, but I have never seen this data for other schools.

Richard Blomgren
Vice President For Advancement, Admission, and Marketing


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