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The Warren Wilson Circus

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Say the word “circus” and images of lions, ringmasters, acrobats and elephants come to mind. However, at Warren Wilson the word takes on an entirely different meaning. The Warren Wilson community comes together every spring to create and execute its own unique circus.

WWC Circus

No, there aren’t any lions, ringmasters or elephants waiting in the wings. The Warren Wilson Circus is more of an epic talent show. Each year students in campus organizations and clubs create a theme for the Circus where they can show off their talents. It’s a production that has become a meaningful tradition to the Warren Wilson community.

WWC Circus“There is something really incredible about our Circus. When we refer to ‘circus’ as a part of our curriculum, we refer to this production,” says Chris O’Leary, who wrote the script and theme of this year’s Circus. “It is something more than just the sum of acts; it’s a journey. If you think of the school as a community of individuals with an incredible freedom of self-expression, the Circus is a culmination of that creativity.”

The 2008 Circus was unlike any previous Circus because it emphasized a plot. Since then, the plots of the Circus have included a dream state, the invention of the hot air balloon and a circus gone wild. The theme for the 2011 Circus was time travel. That theme, however, can’t come to life without the talent of many Warren Wilson clubs and organizations participating in the creative process of the Circus.

Warren Wilson has embraced the Circus with open arms and this year is no different. The 2011 Circus was an exciting community event with aerialists, a step team, clowns, and acrobats, among other acts. It’s a time at the end of the academic year when students, faculty and staff can celebrate the talent on campus. While it may not be what you think of when the word “circus” is spoken, the Warren Wilson Circus is a staple of our college and will continue to entertain our community for many years to come.

–Grace Hatton ’14
Photos courtesy Melissa Ray Davis ’02 and the Yearbook Crew

WWC Circus

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