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Update from the Presidential Search Committee

On May 6, 2011, Presidential Search Committee Chair Alice Buhl sent an email update to campus. The following is paraphrased from her email.

The College has contracted with search consultants Isaacson, Miller. Representatives were on campus in late April to meet with the search committee, the Board of Trustees, and members of the campus community.

Buhl provided a working schedule for the search:

  • Isaacson, Miller representatives will continue gathering information towards a position profile throughout May.
  • June 9-10: The search committee will meet to review the profile and the Executive Committee will approve it.
  • June-September: Isaacson, Miller representatives will make calls to identify possible candidates, and ads will be placed.
  • Mid July: The committee will meet to get an idea of the results of initial networking. During the process, Isaacson, Miller representatives will be doing extensive interviews, first of the potential candidates, then of their references. For the final candidates they will reach out even further.
  • September: The Committee will review a pool of candidates and select those to be interviewed (probably 7-8).
  • October: The Committee will interview candidates away from campus.  As is usual, candidates’ identities will be kept confidential.
  • Mid to late November: Three candidates will be invited to campus for meetings with faculty, staff, students, trustees and administrators. Usually each person is on campus for a day and a half and has a variety of meetings.
  • Early December: The committee meets to decide on a recommendation.
  • December: The Board of Trustees meets to act on the recommendation of the committee.

Members of the College community interested in contacting the search committee or making candidate recommendations to our Isaacson, Miller representatives can refer to Buhl’s original email, sent to the campus All-l mailing list on May 6.


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