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Tips for planning campus events

• Check the events calendar for the best day and time for your event and to see what locations are available. To make sure a location is available, double check with the location’s building manager. If you don’t know the building manager, call FMTS at ext. 3074. Using common courtesy as a guide, try to avoid scheduling your event to coincide with existing similar events on the schedule.

• Always reserve the event location/room with the proper building manager and finalize all event details BEFORE submitting an event to the calendar (see below).

• Use this link to submit events or click “new event” at the top of the inside page.

• Enter actual event times (not the time you will begin preparing the location). Times entered on the calendar appear to the public as the event’s start time. Coordinate any additional time you need for set up with the building manager and FMTS (ext. 3074).

• The title of the event should be simple and to the point. Include your event details in the event description text box. Be very specific/descriptive – you want to encourage attendance!

• In the Event Contact Info section, include a link to the website of your speaker, band, organization, etc.

• Make sure your information is accurate and complete, especially dates and times, before submitting your event to the calendar. There is no way for you to edit the event after it’s submitted.

• You will receive a confirmation email when your event is approved and added to the calendar. Please read the confirmation email as it includes information regarding room availability, setup or notifications about competing events you might have missed.

Reserving an event location
Important: submitting an event to the calendar does not reserve the location

• Check location availability and reserve locations with the appropriate building manager. Call ext. 3074 if you need to find the appropriate building manager.

• Contact FMTS (ext. 3074) to request room setup. Setup requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the event.

Publicizing your event
Attracting large crowds to events on our suburban/rural campus can be a challenge, especially if the event doesn’t feature a person who is broadly known. Here are a few suggestions that can help your event attract more people from both on campus and off:

*Get started early. Ideally your event details should be firm and ready to publicize at least three weeks in advance.

*Remember that campus email lists (all-l, student-l, employee-l) are not available for advertising campus events.

*Consider using blogs and other digital media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as ways for you to connect with people you may not be able to reach via traditional media. Digital word-of-mouth can generate interaction and interest in a particular topic or speaker.

*Engage in traditional word-of-mouth by talking about your event as much as possible and by recruiting others to do the same. Be creative!

*Perhaps most important, target your audience by getting information to academic departments, affinity groups, and other organizations who have members with a potentially strong interest in the subject matter. It’s effective to build your own contact list of like-minded individuals.


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