Warren Wilson College News

My Retirement in June 2012

Today I informed the Board of Trustees that I’ll retire from Warren

Wilson College in June 2012, a year from this June. At the time of my
retirement, I will have served six years as the sixth president of the
College, and I feel very fortunate to have been part of this special

My notice to the Board of Trustees at this time will give trustees ample
opportunity to plan and conduct a search for the next president of the
College. You’ll be hearing from the Board in due course about the search
process. As in the past, the campus community will play an important part.

My thanks to all of you for the progress we’ve made at the College. For
example, we’ve developed an ambitious Strategic Plan, added key faculty
and staff, revised important policies, increased the number of donors,
restored Bryson, reviewed all academic programs, brought significant
grants to the College, supported undergraduate research, infused the
campus with sustainability principles, expanded the number of work
crews, and developed a national reputation for environmental leadership.
Although many challenges remain, Warren Wilson is in excellent shape,
has a loyal following, and is a leader among small liberal-arts colleges.

In the sixteen months remaining in my presidency, I’ll work with you to
prepare the campus for the person who follows me in this job. We have
much to do. For example, we’ll continue our progress on the Strategic
Plan, address space issues on campus, and continue our efforts to
attract donors to support critical needs at the College, such as student

It is a privilege to be president of a college that has attracted so
many fine faculty, staff, and students. Many thanks to all of you for
your commitment and contributions to Warren Wilson, a college we’re
proud to say is like no other one in the nation.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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