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What’s all the bawling about?

Every year the farm weans the spring calves, usually in the beginning of October.

The cows have lost weight from 7-8 months of lactation and need a break before their next calf in the spring.  We use a technique called “fenceline weaning” which keeps the calves on the other side of a fence of their mothers so that the separation anxiety is reduced. They can smell, see and hear their mothers much better than the traditional method of taking each group to distant ends of the farm. Our method is a lower stress approach, and keeps calves from wandering all over the roads throughout the farm in search of mom.

–Chase Hubbard, Farm Manager


2 Responses to “What’s all the bawling about?”

  1. Christian:

    Thanks for posting! I was wondering what was up. I feel bad for the cows.

  2. Mei:

    Ditto. It’s good to know.