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Promotion of Richard Blomgren

I recommended his promotion to the Board of Trustees Executive Committee, which approved the recommendation at its June 18 meeting. As you may know, Richard has served many years as our Dean of Admission and Director of Marketing. Then this past year he agreed to take on an interim position that would combine the job he had occupied for years with the vice president for advancement role. In now merging the two positions, we’re making other adjustments that will allow Richard to receive the support he needs from all offices involved. Having observed Richard’s work over the past year in advancement, admission, and marketing, the trustees and I have been heartened by his success. First, advancement processes and operations have been reinvigorated by Richard’s strategic vision and initiative, in concert with the fine efforts of the advancement staff. Although it often takes years to witness results in advancement, we’ve already seen tangible results. And second, the hard work of Richard and his stellar admission and marketing teams again appears to have produced a full and well-qualified class of entering students for fall. As well, the College arguably is enjoying the best reputation and visibility in its history.

Therefore, I’ve determined that merging Richard’s former jobs leading admission and marketing with the responsibilities of the advancement office would best serve the College at this time. Richard is excited about the prospect of serving in the position to which he’s been promoted.

The next time you see Richard, please congratulate him on his promotion.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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