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Warren Wilson professor wins fellowship for seminar in Salzburg

Contact: Paul Magnarella

Paul Magnarella, chair of the peace and justice studies department at Warren Wilson College, has won an Appalachian College Association / Mellon Foundation Fellowship.

The fellowship will fully support his attendance at a Salzburg, Austria, seminar in May titled, “What Turkey? What Europe?” Faculty and participants in the seminar include a number of prominent European Union officials and government ministers of several European nations, as well as former ambassadors and a former head of state.

Magnarella’s interest in Turkey dates to his service in the Peace Corps, when he taught English as a second language in Turkish public schools. His doctoral dissertation work in cultural anthropology and Middle East studies at Harvard University resulted in his first book, "Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town." He has since had an ongoing scholarly and teaching interest in Turkey, and returns to Turkey regularly.

With his additional expertise in human rights law and international law, Magnarella has published several recent studies on Turkey’s international relations and Turkish legal reform. He frequently offers public lectures on Turkey and teaches Warren Wilson students about Turkish law, politics and human rights in his peace and justice courses.


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