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Warren Wilson connections to Haiti

Here are a few:

Mark Hare ’87 serves in a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission in Haiti with the MPP, which in Haitian Creole stands for “Mouvman Peyizan Papay” or “Farmer’s Movement of Papaye.” He and his family felt the earthquake at their location in the Central Plateau, but did not sustain damage where they work and live.

Dr. Jack Allison ’63 is helping to establish emergency medical services.

Jon Verner (student services) has a niece, Courtney Latta, who has been serving with the Children’s Nutrition Fund of Haiti. She has safely returned to Winston-Salem after being in Port-au-Prince the day the earthquake struck. Her father (Jon’s brother-in-law) has arrived in Haiti with a group of other doctors and is working in Leogane, about 15 miles west of Port Au Prince.

John Griffith (electrical) and Blue Cease ’01 worked on wiring a library at a school in Port-au-Prince a few years ago through The Haitian Project.

Jil Meadows (counseling center) has a sister, RN Valerie Pulsifer, who has traveled with a group of doctors and nurses on medical missions to Haiti each October for the past several years.

Emmanuel Desire ’82 is a native of Port-au-Prince.


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