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WWC professor receives fellowship for Salzburg seminar

Contact: John Brock

John Brock, Ph.D., chair of the chemistry department at Warren Wilson College, has received a Mellon Fellowship through the Appalachian College Association to attend the Salzburg Global Seminar Session titled, “Greening the Minds: Universities, Climate Leadership and Sustainable Futures.” The session will be July 11-16 in Salzburg, Austria.

“Thanks to the Mellon Foundation funding, I will be able to attend this workshop as we work to incorporate energy use and climate change into Warren Wilson’s academic curricula,” Brock said.

Brock has an extensive background in environmental chemistry. During his earlier career as a research supervisor at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and since his arrival at Warren Wilson eight years ago, he has coauthored more than 50 articles in the field.

Although he now teaches broadly on environmental issues, his own research has focused on the relationship between environmental toxins and human health. In addition to his teaching specialty in environmental toxins, Brock has become keenly interested in teaching courses that consider the effects of climate change.

Brock has devoted much of his career to studying the unhealthy effects of human exposure to phthalates, a series of chemical compounds used widely in cosmetics, children’s toys, and many other household products. Thanks in part to the scientific efforts of Brock and his former colleagues at the CDC, there is now a federal law banning certain phthalates in children’s toys.

Information on the Salzburg Global Seminar can be found at www.salzburgseminar.org.


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