Warren Wilson College News

October 2008 Report to Campus

By: Sandy Pfeiffer
While the world pitched and swayed around us, October brought campus events reminding us that Warren Wilson continues to move along in pleasantly predictable ways. For example, we enjoyed a successful Homecoming/Reunion on a beautiful fall weekend; the Board of Trustees had a productive meeting at which they welcomed four new trustees and approved our 2009-2010 budget; the Student Caucus joined Evelyn and me for a great meal (courtesy of Brian and his colleagues); and the Environmental Leadership Center met with its very strong group of supporters.

As well, more awards came to the college, including one for our Recycling program, a second for the Environmental Leadership Center (2008 “Hall of Fame Award” from Quality Forward in Asheville), and a third from the Asheville mayor and City Council for the INSULATE project, on which we collaborate with other groups to insulate homes of low-income homeowners. Another significant contribution to our greater community was the completion of a successful campaign to support United Way and Earthshare of North Carolina. Many thanks for your generous support of these fund-raising projects. And special thanks to Natasha Shipman for coordinating both campaigns on campus.

As we look ahead to goals for the rest of the year, I want to mention several new initiatives. First, I’ve accepted the recommendation of Dean Cathy Kramer to form a Task Force on Alcohol and Other Drugs. Cathy and I will be setting the purpose, scope, and membership of the group. Second, I’ll be working with Dean Ian Robertson and other members of the PAC to discuss expansion of work crews to include additional fields of interest, especially in the arts and crafts. Third, the PAC is beginning to lay the groundwork for a study of our entire campus schedule and of our classroom/meeting spaces. You’ll be hearing more about this ambitious project in due course. I might add that encouragement for the second and third items mentioned above came during a productive Community Meeting that occurred last week, coordinated by the Student Caucus.

Finally, note that we’re now scheduling the first PAC-Plus meeting with the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) plus six representatives from campus (two students, two staff, and two faculty). PAC-Plus will meet once or twice a semester to broaden the decision-making process, strengthen communication, and enhance teamwork to create the best possible community here at the college.


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