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Sustainability and Land Courses — Spring 2009

With the support of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Warren Wilson College has launched a three-year program initiative titled "Advancing Environmental Literacy." Faculty participating in this program will develop three sets of theme-based, multidisciplinary, team-taught courses focused on sustainability to be used a pilot courses to guide faculty at other colleges and universities in developing courses of their own.

Some of the courses may be offered again at Warren Wilson as well, but not in the near future. The theme for this year is "land" and in subsequent years energy and water will serve as the focus two other sets of courses.

The three Sustainability and Land courses will be offered during the spring semester of 2009 at 2:30-3:50 TTHS. The courses are listed in the spring course schedule in the Interdepartmental section and are indicated by an “AEL” in the area column. The three courses will mostly meet individually, but joint sessions, shared guest speakers, and much cross-pollination between the courses will occur as well. Each of the courses includes a service-learning project connected with some local land issue. The spring courses are:

INT 395 Land and Sense of Place with instructors John Casey, Holly Rosson, & Laura Vance. In this course students will develop a local sense of place as a foundation for using the methods of environmental philosophy, mathematical modeling, and environmental sociology to explore the ways in which culture, world view, technology, population, social inequality, consumption, and development have changed the human-land relationship.

INT 396 Deep Mapping the Land and Community with instructors David Abernathy, Gwen Diehn, & Siti Kusujiarti. This course unites three elements: a micro look at Swannanoa through the accounts of residents, a meso look at the social connections in Swannanoa, and a macro look at the connection between the land and community of Swannanoa and their geographical context.

INT 397 Land Use Decisions in S. Appalachia with instructors Paul Bartels, Janice Jackson, & Catherine Reid. This course focuses on developing an understanding of the connections between human welfare and ecological systems, of the connections between community values and land use, and of decision-making tools for wise land management.

If you have questions about the spring courses or would be interested in participating in future courses as an instructor, please contact John Casey at ext 3083 or at casey@warren-wilson.edu.


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