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April-May 2008 Report to Campus

With the end of the semester just a few weeks away, I’ve decided to send you a combined report that looks back to April as well as forward to May. My next report, which will cover late May and June, will likely come your way about July 7, after the July 4 holiday.

Last night, the Senior Dinner had the Fellowship Hall full to capacity. Many fine toasts were made to a terrific senior class. It was a proud moment to see a full house of seniors, who took time away from papers and projects to share a fine dinner provided by Brian and his crew.

A few weeks ago, we had a record-setting attendance at our Scholarship Luncheon, held for recipients and for those who donate funds for scholarships. As I’ve said before, Wilson should have no higher fundraising priority than increasing the scholarship assistance we provide our students. We’re indebted to donors who have shown their generosity by helping students attend this college.

At last week’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, I supported the Staff Forum recommendation that (a) we add a second member of the faculty/staff to the Board (so that we have one staff member and one faculty member serving on the Board at the same time) and (b) that both faculty/staff members have two-year terms. The recommendations were approved by the Board. The addition of the second faculty/staff trustee will be effective about a year from now (July 2009), after the Board has completed the revision of its Bylaws and charters. I’ll give a few more details on this change at next week’s Staff Forum meeting.

The May 1 Admission Report I received from Dean Richard Blomgren reflects the fact that our Admission staff had a very successful recruiting year. Those folks travel this country far and wide to tell the Warren Wilson story and to recruit students who will help fulfill our unique mission. The College is deeply in their debt.

I’m told we had a record turnout (450 time cards, plus more folks) for our campus Workday on April 9, with multiple projects being completed all around campus. The weather was terrific, and the results were, too. Ian Robertson and his staff did a wonderful job organizing this event, as they do each year.

April had me traveling to meetings of two organizations to which the College belongs. The first was the annual meeting of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, and the second was a meeting of the Association of Governing Boards, which I attended with the chairman of our Board of Trustees, Ron Hunt. One common subject at both meetings was strategic planning for advancement and fund-raising, a topic that will involve much of our time and energy in the coming years.

At 10 am on Saturday, May 17, Commencement will be held on Sunderland Lawn. This year’s Commencement speaker will be Steve Curwood, host and executive producer of the National Public Radio show entitled “Living on Earth,” a weekly environmental news program. We’ll be graduating the largest class in the history of the College.

I wish all of you an enjoyable, productive, and safe summer.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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