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Promotion of Paula Garrett

By: Sandy Pfeiffer
I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Paula Garrett has been promoted to the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College (VPAA/DOTC), effective July 1, 2008. She and Interim VPAA John Casey will be working very closely in the coming months to plan the transition.

As you know, we conducted a national search to fill the VPAA/DOTC position. The VPAA/DOTC Search Committee did an excellent job of attracting fine candidates, evaluating credentials, arranging interviews, and working closely with me. Although we extended offers to several individuals, these offers did not result in an acceptance. At the end of the process, the Search Committee thoughtfully considered the needs of the College and recommended to me that Paula Garrett, our current Associate Dean for Faculty and Curriculum, be promoted to the VPAA/DOTC position. After carefully reviewing the challenge ahead in academics and the considerable skills Paula has already demonstrated in her short time here, I decided Paula was an excellent match for the position and then offered her a promotion from Associate Dean to VPAA/DOTC.

The VPAA/DOTC Search Committee did a fine job throughout this entire process, so first I would like to thank all of them for their time and their wisdom—especially as evidenced by their final recommendation to hire Paula. Serving on the committee were Gretchen Whipple (chair), Pat Addabbo, Paul Bartels, Carol Howard, Cathy Kramer, Sharon Lytle, David Moore, Ed Raiola, Ian Robertson, and Marion Yeager, with crucial support provided by Emily Quinn and Gail Baylor.

I want to extend my profound thanks to John Casey for serving with distinction in the role of Interim VPAA and Dean of the College for the last three years. For the 20 months I’ve been president of this college, John has provided extraordinary leadership for the academic division, given me wise counsel, and displayed the very best collaborative skills in meetings of the President’s Advisory Committee. As well, he has earned the high regard of our Board of Trustees. Although there will be time to thank him in a more formal way later, for now let me simply say that he has my profound respect and my very best wishes as he prepares to return to the faculty to teach philosophy next year.

Paula Garrett’s tenure as VPAA/DOTC comes at a time when we have considerable challenges ahead in academics. She and I have had detailed conversations about these challenges, and I’m ready to give her my full support in meeting them. Please send Paula your best as she prepares to start her new role of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College at Warren Wilson College.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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