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Update on the VPAA/DOTC Search process

Thanks to all of you—and especially to the members of the search committee—for the hard work invested in the search to fill the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College. Here’s an update on the process.

As you know, we recently hosted four candidates for campus interviews. After reviewing recommendations of the search committee and the responses from members of the campus community, I discussed the job further with two of the four candidates. Unfortunately, both have decided to withdraw from the search process—one because of salary issues and the other because of another job offer the candidate accepted.

After consultation with the chair of the VPAA/DOTC search committee and others, I’ve decided to extend the search into next semester. As part of this process, the following actions are being taken: (1) all who originally applied for the position will be informed that they will be retained in the candidate pool, unless they’ve been officially notified that they’re no longer being considered or unless they wish to withdraw at this time; (2) those who may have withdrawn from the search will be given an opportunity to re-enter it; (3) those who have already applied and are still in the search will be informed that they may update their
search files; and (4) we will re-advertise the position in an effort to seek additional applicants.

Let me add that if you wish to nominate any candidates who fulfill the qualifications for the position, please email Gail Baylor, director of Human Resources.

Aain, I commend the VPAA/DOTC Search Committee members for their excellent work and have asked them to continue to serve on the committee.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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