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Student Caucus elections

Spring 2008: Openings in Student Caucus

Co-Convener: WORK CREW—2 full time positions

Dining Services Committee- 4 positions

Dining Services Committee (Ad Hoc)
Chair: Brian O’Loughlin
Student Members: Franklin Stone, Staci Dennett, Amy Peddie, Ben Webb, Lindsy Robertson, Liz Pullan
Meeting time: Monday 5-6pm once a month
Meeting place: middle fishbowl

Service-Learning Advisory Committee- 1 position

Service Learning Advisory
Chair: Carolyn Wallace
Student Members: Nadir Karim (Swim), Kayleigh Burgess, Laura Dison, Kate Bowen
Meeting time: Thursday at 8am (once a month)
Meeting place: Service Learning Office

Student Life Committee- 4 positions

Student Life
Chair: Cathy Kramer
Student Members: Veda King Blanchard, Candace Anthony, Mandi Bilyk, Kristen Booth, Chris Miller, Jessica Peters, Gordon Jones, Ashlee Robison **four leaving
Meeting time: (alternating) Thursdays 1pm
Meeting place: Dodge (upstairs) Conference Room

ELECTIONS Dec. 12th and 13th
Please apply for position by Friday December 7th!

[applications outside student caucus office and on the board down the hall in lower Gladfelter]—please submit to Co-Conveners, box 6248, or turn in at office.


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