Warren Wilson College News

EPA Audit

By: Sandy Pfeiffer
To the Campus Community:

In June 2007, the College volunteered to participate in an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) peer audit program through the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities consortium (NCICU). I’m writing to describe our collective responsibility with respect to the audit.

Two of our colleagues, Phillip Gibson and Susan Quigley, were chosen to represent the College as peer auditors for this initiative. In the past two months, they have begun a preliminary review of our campus to determine what actions we’ll need to take to comply with EPA requirements.

Accordingly, I’m asking all campus personnel to assist Sue and Phillip—when requested by them—to bring our operations into compliance. We hope to complete many of the tasks during winter break, to prepare for the audit scheduled for March 11-13, 2008.

This audit is a top priority. The President’s Advisory Committee (PAC) fully supports it and will make sure resources are available to fulfill our obligations. I appreciate your help in assisting Phillip and Sue.

Best regards,

Sandy Pfeiffer


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