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Hunger Banquet — Eat the way the world eats

Thursday, November 29
5:30 – 7 p.m.
Canon Lounge

Hosted by the Service Learning Program for Hunger and Homelessness Month.

We live in a world where 1/5 of the population consumes 3/5 of all the food. For the rest, famine is a reality of everyday life. The Hunger Banquet challenges us to realize how our decisions affect others in the world.

Few leave the Hunger Banquet with a full stomach, but all leave filled with a better understanding of the problems concerning global hunger and poverty and the inspiration to do something about it!

Come and share this meal and unique experience with us. Some folks will eat on the floor with only a shared pot of rice, while others will eat a gourmet meal. This event will include a facilitated discussion, role playing, and opportunities to get involved with local agencies that are fighting hunger.

There are only 50 tickets so please sign up at the Service Learning Office SOON!

Recommended donation of $5 or 3 cans of nonperishable food. The SLO will deliver these donations to MANNA Food Bank.


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