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Use of fields and pastures

As a member of the WWC cattle crew I would like to remind people that our fields are beautiful and for the enjoyment of the campus community. But the fields are also food for our cow herd.

The cattle crew found a burn pit with broken glass and beer cans spread about Dogwood. It may seem easier to break you beer bottles and burn your trash after a fire on Saturday night, but nice for those who have to pick up the piece’s later.

The cattle crew spent a significant amount of time cleaning up glass and trash, so the calves rotating through Dogwood do not step on it and get injured. PACK IT IN; PACK IT OUT. Let’s take care of this place.

So please enjoy the fields, but also realize they are for the cows as well. Please pick up trash, do not break the fences or cut the lines, and if you are tenting on any of the pastures, be aware of where you put your tent — if it blows around the field, pick it up.

Thanks — The Cattle Crew
Info: jcurtis0001@warren-wilson.edu


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