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The 2007-08 WWC Facebook

We at the College Press were super happy once again to have face books finished in time for homecoming/parents weekend — by the skin of our teeth.

This huge but sort of rushed project will naturally result in a few goofs. If you got a defective book, high-tail it to the Log Cabin, and we’ll be delighted to replace it. We hope all enjoy them. If not, please offer suggestions to us for improvement. As for corrections, we keep a file and will note them in the annual January supplement for second semester.

Finally — the dreaded stats. The 1,450 books required almost 90,000 impressions in the pressroom and another 17,000 on the Risograph. Close to 55,000 sheets of paper received these impressions. Yet again we marvel at our two elderly presses, Tawanda and Mabel, who, not unlike our amazing crew, just won’t quit. Both the staff and student sections again required more pages, two additional for each. The growing keeps going!

–Pat, Bob and crew


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