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Women’s soccer vs. Salem College

Monday night’s battle was Keeper Emily Holzer’s fourth shutout, the lady hooters second 120 minute sprinting marathon, the first time we’ve seen Bang Bang Bangasser head the ball, do a forward roll, then come back up with the ball… and the next to last game of the season for the women.

This match, played after three other scoreless Owl games, was against Salem College from Winston Salem, NC. Salem came in with an 11 wins and 0 loss record, they’d averaged 4.1 goals per game.

After careful examination of the facts and a few other things, I’m declaring Warren Wilson College, with a record of 1 win, 4 losses and 3 ties, the winner of the match.

First of all, three of Serena’s balls and one of LoLo’s hit the post – why – because the refs scooted it over right before the game.
Secondly, two of our corners went in – both taken by Amanda Williams who is having the senior year of her life – I mean, she should stay another year and have another senior year like this. She put in two perfect crosses from all they way out there in the corner and the goalie got hold of one, but was then blown back across her line with the enormous force of it all, which should constitute a goal, but the sun was bright, the refs are old, and the only person who could see that detail was Amanda’s dad, who’s probably arguing the score on the phone with George Bush right now.

Another one of Amanda’s corner kicks hit the knuckles of Shannon Waldron before it went in, so it was called a handball and once again, a ball that hit the back of the net was denied– but that’s not a hand ball, it’s a knuckle ball. Perfectly acceptable in baseball, which, if you have any sense of history, is what the Owls play on – the ghost of the Warren Wilson baseball field (1974-1989)—again, a flaw of slightly aged and senile reffing.

Besides all that, the Ladyhooters took 15 shots on goal. Serena-post-hitter-Shaw had eight breakaway runs, LoLo Kreil, had three; Amy Witt now has an I’m-sorry-but-I-can’t-look-into-no-beakers-today-Dr.Collins-neck-ache on account of all the balls she tracked like radar through the air, stepped into just the right spot, and headed, chested, kneed, or volleyed into the path of her players.

We won all the foot races – there was one every three minutes – 100 yards one way, then 100 the other. Quite exhausting really. I had to sit down several times.

Mel Janarelli played on the back line where her favorite thing to do is race someone to the end line, then steal it from them, then do a few little Rasta Fariarn Love moves, then kick the ball up to her buddy #11 – Christy Barron who stole the hearts of alumni this weekend with her tenacious tentacled tactile play. Or Rasta would give a sweet little pass a few yards over to sweeper Hannah Cleason who’d slip it up the field to center Heather Walls, who’d turn, take on an evil Spirit, gain ten yards, take on another, gain another ten, then scoot it past the Spirit defense to one of the fast fantastical runners.

It was amazing stuff. The scoreboard said 0-0 after 120 minutes of play. I’m saying 3 posts plus two corners equal 5 for us, a big chicken egg for them. See http://www.salem.edu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=979&Itemid=587
for their version.

Come see the last game: Against Ferrum University on October 17 at home. Please come early and don’t let the refs mess with the goals.


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