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Women’s soccer team breaks ten-year streak

Bring out the lions: Montreat College Cavaliers—including two 5’7’’, two 5’8”, and two 5’10” girls and one girl whose magically been playing on the team for about six years. Hannah Cleason, who we call the Big Swede for being the tallest on the Owl field, said they were so big that they seemed to be right on you even when they were five yards away.

Count up the points: Christy Barron couldn’t sleep last night in anticipation of the game, so she did some research. The Cavaliers came to us with 7 wins and 3 losses – with a total of 43 goals scored this season, and a history of beating WWC for the last ten years. The Owlers came with a 1 win, 4 losses, 1 tie and a total of 5 goals scored this year.

Bring out the Owls: Somebody spits and proclaims: “’Em girls’ll wanna drive the score up 7 pernts like they’ve been beatin’ everone else – let’s make at real hard for ‘em, and, oh yeah, lets have more fun too.” And another voice responds: “Hell, I kin do dat.”

Smell the Presbyterian coffee: Not only did the Owlers have more fun, they did more tackles, defended more corner kicks, and had more saves – Emily Holzer nabbing a record 18 saves.

At the end of twenty minutes, no points had been scored by the bad guys. In fact, the good guys were dominating.

The fans went wild (we’ve had to put up a plastic orange fence to contain them) when one after another Cavalier hit the ground in Barron’s wake. She’d knock one down, fall, get up, knock another one down, fall again, and smash a few more before heading down the field, WITH the ball.

The spectators held their stomachs in empathy as Sarah Gaskin and Ashley Conley ran full speed twenty yards into a driven ball and took it in the gut to advance it ten more yards –a pass to themselves, leaving the proud-what-about-all-those-points-I’m-supposed-to-be-scoring ladies in blue with their faces planted in the grass. Tom Lom was watching closely to be sure no pesticide lipstick was left on the field.

By the half, the scoreboard still said 0-0. Freshman Liz Wilcox summed up the half time brief – I’ve been hearing about these girls all week, but frankly, I’m not seeing what the big deal is.

Holzer went into the goal second half and stopped another amazing number of shots, while Bang Bang Bangasser practiced her new head clearing, with fists out like an airplane, clothes-lining anyone who dared run by.

Amanda Williams did some moves in her one inch of space between the sideline and a bad-I-don’t-usually-let-people-past-me defender, taking the ball up the line run after run, ending with a great cross to L, Shaw, Shay or Barron.

At the 90-minute whistle, the score was 0-0. They had 7 saves. Emily had 18. Wwc had 22 tackles (another record), they had 9.

The game went into overtime. The Cavalier bench, that had been empty of subs, perhaps in anticipation of an easy W, had two new girls show up – we think the Montreat fans called the school and said, “Hey, we ain’t all that, send more girls.”

At the end of two ten minute overtime halves, with the Cavaliers praying for a miracle, and our forwards getting too close for anyone with heart problems to watch, the score was still 0-0.

The last time that Montreat DIDN’T beat us (1995), the Montreat tennis coach seeded Warren Wilson Rocks on their soccer field –a little prank that caused all sorts of problems. We don’t know what he’ll do this year in their new field, but we’re anxious to see it.

Go to http://www.warren-wilson.edu/~athletics/wsgallery.php or click on Photo Gallery on the Wilson Women’s soccer page for a few pics of this game and others (be patient to get all your favorite players on, I’m a slow but dedicated learner.)

Next game: Saturday Oct. 6 at 1:00 home against HFC University – a little know school made up entirely of soccer players.

PS. Send love to Rachel Schonberg who woke up from eye surgery just before game start, and to Ashley Conley, who injured her leg on the last two minutes of o.t. on a run sure to end in a goal.


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