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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival a success

With the support of the President’s Office; Rodney Lytle, director of the newly established office of multicultural affairs; Lorri Jayne, international students adviser; and Nada Cail of the Multicultural Office, the Chinese students invited the WWC community to celebrate their Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at Pavilion last night.

More than one hundred students, faculty, staff and other community members came to the party, which was hosted by WWC’s Chinese students. The students decorated the pavilion with their drawings and Chinese symbols. There were several kinds of green tea, fruits and moon cakes as refreshments. Professor Dan Collins set up a telescope for observing the bright moon. Students, faculty, staff and students had a wonderful evening sitting at the same tables sharing their life experiences, just the Chinese would have done in China.

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is the second most important traditional Festival in China. Families and friends get together under a bright full moon to celebrate the good harvest of the year and to share their life stories of the year. Bin Cao, a freshman from China, shared with the community the beautiful stories he heard from his grandparents about the moon festival growing up in China. There were also many interesting games at the event. Winners got nice prizes from China.

The Chinese students and other organizers of the event are very encouraged by the big turnout. The event brought the community together, and helped the community to learn some of the unique cultures of the minority members of our community. They said that they would have another big party for the Chinese New Year for the same purpose.

I hope other minority members of the community can do the same in the future to educate our community about their unique cultures.

–Dongping Han


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