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Larry Modlin

By: Sandy Pfeiffer
Larry Modlin, Vice President for Business Affairs, has given Warren Wilson College over 18 years of dedicated service. His financial acumen, strong support of the Triad, and innovative thinking have kept Warren Wilson on track to greatness, and I thank him for his outstanding work. Larry will be retiring from the College at the end of this fiscal year (June 30, 2008) to pursue other interests, but his fine work here will be long remembered.

For the rest of this year, Larry will assist me and the President’s Advisory Council with the transition to a new chief fiscal officer, for which we’ll soon start a search (and about which I’ll send you more information later). It will be challenging for any one person to fill the diverse and critically important roles Larry has served here. Given Larry’s knowledge and experience, therefore, it is our good fortune that he’s willing to help with the orientation of the new chief fiscal officer, should such transitional work be needed and fit his schedule. Larry and I believe it is essential that we have a smooth transition to the next chief fiscal officer.

Larry Modlin has dedicated his career to Warren Wilson, and I look forward to his remaining a member of our residential community and a friend of the College for which he has provided such loyal service. Later in the year we’ll celebrate Larry’s career with a reception on campus.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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