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Crew Training Hour Announcement

By: Sandy Pfeiffer
To the Campus Community:

The Administrative Council and I have reviewed all options for college-wide times for crew training. After considering many possibilities, we’ve settled on the 4pm to 5pm hour, every other Wednesday–beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year. (I understand some crews already have begun meeting during this Wednesday training time. However, note that students currently enrolled in Term IV classes are to be excused from any scheduled training sessions and are expected to attend class.)

Because the 4pm-5pm hour on every other Wednesday has become the shared governance meeting time, it seemed natural to use that same hour every two weeks for crew training–that is, on the alternate Wednesdays NOT dedicated to shared governance. This training hour will be used mainly for safety and skill training, which can include various topics as determined by individual crew supervisors and the Occupational Safety and Training (OST) Office. The new time has been created specifically for work crew activities and will afford each crew, regardless of size, the opportunity to meet at a dedicated time. Now the College will be able to reach multiple crews and deliver training to a large portion of the student body when necessary.

The OST Coordinator is available to help deliver the required training and has created a training database and material available to assist each crew in conducting required workplace programs.

Again, this official training hour will begin with the Fall 2007 Semester and will be included on the master calendar.

My thanks to all the individual departments that have adjusted their schedules to accommodate this important training for our work crews.

Sandy Pfeiffer


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