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Warren Wilson College three year action plan

By: Sandy Pfeiffer
Since last summer the Administrative Council has been developing a 3-Year Action Plan mentioned in my August Convocation Address. Now the Council has completed a draft for your review and comment. This memo briefly describes our planning process and gives guidelines for how you can participate in it.

Overview of Planning Process

The College has a 2004 Strategic Plan that lists 40 goals. Because this plan needs updating and lacks details – such as deadlines – we decided to adopt a specific Action Plan. Our planning process requires that (a) all members of the campus governance system will have an opportunity to participate, (b) planning will be an ongoing activity, and (c) the process itself will be assessed regularly to improve it. Besides the fact that planning makes good sense, we must have an effective planning process to meet the requirements of our accrediting bodies.

Timing for This Year

The planning process had to be accelerated this year because we need campus goals in place before we set the 2007-2008 budget. Next year and beyond we’ll have time for a more “grassroots” approach to creating and reviewing plans. For this first year, however, I’m asking those individuals who want to respond to the draft to do so within a tight timeframe, so that comments can be reviewed by the Administrative Council before the budgeting process starts this winter. Group comments also are welcome, and you may be hearing from the faculty, staff, and student leadership in this regard.

Selection of 37 Actions

In assembling this year’s Action Plan, the Administrative Council decided it was best to limit actions to just a few for each major division. This need for selectivity means some departments may not be mentioned in the plan. Please know the Council understands that many important activities not listed on this plan will be occurring at the College! It’s just that there was a practical need to keep the first Action Plan relatively short and focused.

What You Should Do Next

If you or a group you represent wishes to comment on the plan, please follow these instructions:

1. Open the Action Plan link found on the “President’s Page” under the drop-down “Information” menu on the campus home page OR use the following address: http://www.warren-wilson.edu/president/ActionPlan.pdf

2. Review all or part of the plan by clicking on the related links

3. Email your comments to president@warren-wilson.edu no later than February 2 or send them by mail so that they reach my office no later than February 2

Comments received by the deadline – whether anonymous or signed – will be considered by the Administrative Council before the plan is finished, but they will not be individually acknowledged.


Sound planning is an essential ingredient to the future success of Warren Wilson. And in a close community like ours, everyone deserves the opportunity to participate. The Administrative Council looks forward to reading whatever comments you may wish to send.


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