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Banking options for students and employees

As of the end of this semester, banking services previously offered through the student bank, will be replaced by Branch Banking and Trust Company through its ATM and full checking relationship.  BB&T will have a table in the lobby of Gladfelter on November 29 and 30 from 11:00 A.M. through 1:00 PM offering a full line of banking services for students and staff.  BB&T Student Free is a program with the following benefits:

1.    No monthly maintenance fee
2.    No minimum balance requirement
3.    No per item fees
4.    Four no-fee non-BB&T ATM transactions at other machines
5.    Free BB&T Check Card with Visa Extras
6.    Free BB&T On-Line Banking
7.    Regular Savings account with no monthly fee

For several months, the college has actively worked to get a commitment from an outside banking institution to establish ATM service on campus.  Because of our small potential audience, most banks would not locate a machine here, even at a fee to the College. BB&T Bank agreed to provide their ATM on campus at no cost and to make it very easy to become a BB&T client.  As you no doubt have noticed, it is now up and running, along with a change machine.  BB&T has a drive-up presence in the parking lot of Pomodora, just past Ingles on 70, and will build a full branch office in the old Posiedon Restaurant location across from the Waffle House on 70.  As you are probably aware, BB&T clients do not pay for the ATM service, although customers of other banks pay a fee to utilize the ATM.  

The Campus Store has now established a policy to cash checks up to $50.00 as a convenience to you, and the store can maintain a declining balance system for you should you or your parents establish a cash balance for use in the store.

Please plan on withdrawing your cash from the student bank before you leave for Christmas break.


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