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Grant from U.S. Department of Justice

As many of you have heard, Warren Wilson has received a grant from the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women to address issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking on campus. This is a program that has been in existence for about six years and allows college campuses to focus attention and resources on these issues that affect the lives of so many of our students either directly or indirectly. Our grant, in the amount of $191, 851.00 will be for the next two years.

As part of the grant we will be forming a coalition including on campus constituencies and community partners from Our Voice, Helpmate, and Pisgah Legal Services. This coalition will meet monthly to review new initiatives and assess our programs and progress toward our goals. Our goals for the program titled, Education and Support for a Safe Community (ESSC) include:

· Providing educational programming focused on prevention for students, faculty and staff.

· Training appropriate student leaders, work crews and staff to respond to incidents.

· Enhancing support for victims and survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence.

· Disseminating publications related to these issues.

· Supporting the Warren Wilson community in providing service to the community through our grant partner agencies.

· Implementing consistent policies and hearing practices for reported violations of policies related to sexual misconduct and relationship violence.

· Including the topic of violence against women within our culture in academic course offerings in gender studies and sociology.

· Installing more secure card swipe locking systems in residence halls and academic buildings used extensively after hours

To implement these goals some ways that members of our community can be involved right now include being part of the search process for the grant-funded position of Coordinator of the ESSC program. This will be a two-year full time position with responsibilities for supervision of the Sexual Assault Response Advocates (SARAS), overseeing educational programming related sexual assault and relationship violence, providing direct advocacy for those who may have experienced violence and working closely with our community partners. We are also recruiting students to be part of the four person ESSC crew starting in January. The crew will work on publications and programming, serve as SARAS, and support service efforts.

Please contact me at ckramer@warren-wilson.edu if you are interested in assisting with the search process or would like to serve on the student crew. I would also welcome candidate recommendations for both crew and coordinator positions.

If you would like to know more about the grant, please let me know and I would be happy to share the content with any member of our community.


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