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Campus Safety Committee minutes

Warren Wilson College Campus Safety Committee Minutes

Held at:  WPO Conference Room
Time:     9:30-11:00 a.m.
Date:  Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Attendance:  Susan Quigley, OST Coordinator, Rebecca Moss, OST Crew Member, Bruce Willever, Landscaping, Joe Young, Science, Doug Bradley, FMTS, Clay Gibson, Student Representative

The minutes from the last meeting were approved with no change

New Business: Gas! Gas! Gas!

Gas leaks in Whiterspoon and Moorse:  Joe reported that Hoyt and the HVAC crew have been working room to room trying to find all of the gas leaks in these buildings.  It appears that when the building was built approximately 6 years ago that the gas pipes were not installed correctly and there seems to be several leaks.  The HVAC crew is still working on this at this time.  Susan asked Doug if we could still ask the contractor to come back to fix these pipes.  Doug stated he thought probably not, but he would check into it further.

Gas stove leak in Schaefer B.  Someone had left the gas-stove burner on during the weekend at Schaefer B.  A incident report had not been submitted at the time of the committee meeting.  Sue was notified verbally and was told that that when someone eventually discovered the problem, they turned of the burner which could of caused an explosion because the burner requires the operator to turn the knob back across the striker when turning it off.  Paul has ordered the stove turned off until further training and investigation of this matter can be completed.  Hoyt Barnes had completed a gas safety training class last year with the RD’s and some residents of the Schafers and Ecodorm, but had not done the same this year.  Sue will speak to Paul Braese regarding this issue.

3-D Studio Gas Kiln- Sue had completed a inspection recently of the 3-D studio and noted that the burner system had some structural issues

Incomplete Business

Lofts in the dorms-Susan had received a couple of enquiry’s regarding structural integrity of loft’s built in some of the dorm rooms.  There is a Loft Regulation that was first updated in 1994, but the exact policy has fallen away and not followed in the recent past.  Sue will work with FMTS on this issue. A discussion ensued regarding the use of used wood from the recycling center.
Gas grills on campus- This issue was not completed since the last meeting, a meeting between the Dean of Students, Public Safety and OST will be scheduled in the near future.

Joe Young brought up the need for air velocity testing of the lab hoods in the science building.  Susan agreed that this could be a critical issue since we recently had a near miss with a leaking gas line in one of the labs.  Susan is looking into the funding for these meter’s.  Annual testing and maintenance are a regulatory requirement.  This issue should be of top priority to the college.

Laura mentioned another near miss at the pool due to inhalation of chlorine gas of some pool participants, causing them to vomit.  It is unsure if it was a direct cause of poor ventilation.  Susan will work more closely with Hoyt on these issues.

Susan made another requested that all accident/incidents be reported, especially near misses so that we can track and rectify problem issues.  If it is not reported then we can’t solve the problem.  

There were two staff member reports of feeling threatened by dogs on the campus.  The committee advised Sue to send them to Lou Webber for further review.

Seatbelt use in “The Tank” Susan had a conversation with Rodney regarding the use of seatbelts in the tank and he has agreed to enforce this issue with his crews.  Rodney said that there were some maintenance issues with the doors and mirrors and would be working with the Auto shop to get them repaired.

Accident Investigation

Personal Injury Accident

 None reported
 Campus Vehicle and contractor vehicle met in the back of FMTS building, the one way sign had been taken down during construction recently but has since been returned.

Bicycles and skateboarding issues and near misses have been reported to the OST office and Susan wanted it emphasized that even though the health and safety of everyone on campus is paramount, issues that are non-work related, especially after work hours then such issues should be reported to Public Safety.

There was a small fire (melting plastic) which had set off a fire alarm at Whiterspoon, Sue did respond to this incident because she is responsible for emergency response planning on campus, and because there are OSHA requirements regarding fire safety, she will be kept in the loop on this regard.

Motor vehicle Accidents

Student’s vehicle was struck by a campus support vehicle, campus support supervisor was not aware of the accident and the student has left campus (he was employed for the summer). Filed as a incomplete investigation.

Student was driving bus on Service learning day, attempted to drive under the overlay at Kittridge theatre, was not aware of the height of the bus, struck the building and damaged the bus.  Sue spoke with Ray regarding this issue, he will post height restriction notices on the buses and Bruce Willever will re-paint the height restrictions on Kittredge.  Accident was determined preventable

Meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be on Wednesday November 1, 2006, at the WPO conference room from 9:45-10:45 a.m.


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