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Game summary — WWC women’s soccer vs. Averett Univ.

Averett University vs WWC

I got feedback from a few of my players that my write-ups were getting long. So just the facts today (the photos tell a better story than I could anyway.)

-1/2 of their team is over 5'9"

-1/2 of our team is under 5'4"

-In Stacey's absence, we worked on and committed to taking balls out of the air. WWC short girls won 26 headers over the fighting yellow Amazon women from Richmond, Va. (I mean that in a respectful way–they were some cornfed girls). Christy's header was a flick to Shannon that ended up on the scoreboard.

-Amanda Williams and Amy Witt also executed great chest balls. Shannon Waldron, Emily Holzer, Amy Witt, and Ashley Conley blocked shots from going into our net.

-They shot 16 times total to our 10. Their keeper stopped five of ours. Rachel Schonberg with her best game yet this season, and third shutout, stopped eight of theirs.

-WWC goal #1- nine minutes into the game Christy Barron wins a ball in the air, puts it in the corner onto the storming Shannon W. who lobs a perfect upper 90 shot.

-WWC goal #2 – twenty minutes into the game, Amanda Williams takes a corner, Shannon redirects it with a small flick, and Natalie Epstein finishes with her third goal of the season.

-Their goals: 0

-The number of mean things they said to each other – 47

-The number of supportive, helpful, directional love things we said to one another- 49

So we won and outscored them too.

Coach Molly McMillan



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