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Ogg/Laursen Renovation

By: KM
You may have noticed construction happening on the Ogg and Laursen buildings. The renovations are part of an effort to address sustainability standards, energy efficiency, use of space, and aesthetics. The façade of the buildings will be re-done to represent a more arts and crafts style that can be seen on the new College Relations building. Some of the renovations include low VOC paint, recycled tiles for flooring, lighting with energy efficient materials, desks made from wheat board, and a geothermal heat pump system. Major changes for Laursen will include a downstairs conference room and a new look for the lobby and stairs. Many campus work crews will continue to work on this project including electric, plumbing, campus support, landscaping, CAD, and recycling.


The renovations are scheduled for completion by May 1, 2006. Other buildings that will be renovated in the coming months include Jensen, Carson, and Spidel.


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