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Staff Forum meets Wed., Nov. 2

Staff Forum Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Canon Lounge
4:00 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes from October 12, 2005 meeting

2. President’s Report-Doug Orr

3. Deans’ Report-John Casey, Cathy Kramer, Ian Robertson, Franklin Tate

4. Staff Forum Leadership Team Update-Jon Hettrick

Old Business:
5. Big Marketing Group Nominations Vote

6. Public Safety Personnel Motion

Call for New Business:
7. FMTS Report-Paul Braese

8. Governance Review Task Force Report-Chris Nugent

9. Business Affairs Committee Dog Policy-Lou Weber

10. Announcements

11. Adjournment


Staff Forum Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2005


The last meeting of Staff Forum for Term I convened at 4:04 p.m. Sandra Hayslette and Jon Hettrick presided.



1. Approval of September 28, 2005 meeting minutes



Mary Brown moved to accept the minutes. John Griffith seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously.



2. President’s Report—Doug Orr



· Announced Trustees’ Items:


1. Approved financing package for two residence halls and academic buildings


§ Jensen, Carson and Spidel (not competing with residence hall funding)


§ Jensen, not well engineered to begin with when built in the 1970s will get new heating and air conditioning, reconfiguration of classroom space, wiring, elevator, ceilings, windows, and handicapped access


§ Carson and Spidel will get new heating and cooling, windows, possibility of classroom reconfiguration


§ Scheduling classes will be an issue during construction


2. Non-traditional revenues


§ Context of independent colleges—90% of prospective students want to attend college with student body of 5000+; 30 private colleges have closed; 31 new for-profit colleges have opened; competition with public institutions


§ Advantages of Warren Wilson College: mission, location, national exposure, $34 million endowment, capital campaign to begin in next few years


§ Four areas of non-traditional revenue


1. Land Resources


o 32 acres on ridgeline purchased for $1 million


o College is heavily invested in real estate; 45 rental houses; 29 owned houses; 1,100 acres


o Doug addressed recent sale of houses; recognized poor communication; admitted decision to sell was never personality-driven but motivated by location and attraction for sale


o Announced four rental houses will be returning to stock by spring


o Long Range Land Use Planning Committee is looking at sites for sale of lots; not surplus now; potential for lots for sale for $1; potential equity investments; no plans to build commercial condos but opportunity for co-housing


2. Next Chapter of Life Program


o Lifelong and adult education; enrichment courses and experiences


o Possibility of looking at modest summer school schedule for WWC students and intergenerations


o Explained Swannanoa Gathering brings in considerable revenue of $ ¼ million through new students and gifts


3. Asheville Hub


o Attempt to recast Asheville’s traditional economic base to look at data storage, medicine, crafts, arts, and how they relate to our own programs


4. Wind Farm Project


o Renewable energy sources


o Federal legislation with revenue stream to partner


o Negative—must be located in national park


o Consultant from Charlotte will conduct fact finding to determine feasibility



3. Deans’ Report



Dean of the College—John Casey


· Reported good trustees’ meeting; participated in education committee and received advise from Ken Orr and Henry Copeland


· Reported committee reviewed Academic Affairs goals and objectives and report from Work Program Office and Service Learning Office (SLO reporting for the first time)


· Outlined a few of the 10 proposals of the strategic financial planning task force


§ Develop and communicate the advantages of each aspect of the Triad


§ Emphasis on the First Year Experience


§ WWC should increase faculty and staff salaries to reach parity with salaries of other colleges and universities


§ Reach faculty:student ratio as comparable to peer institutions; this matters for recruiting rather than productivity; use credit hours to measure productivity; we’ll go up in economy as salaries go up


§ Non-traditional sources of revenue—currently revenue is driven by tuition; tuition keeps going up; other sources of income can keep tuition down; it is our responsibility to help trustees on this goal; we will be asked to participate in discussions



Dean of Students—Cathy Kramer


· Served on trustees’ committee on campus issues


· Trustees voted on bond issues


· Preliminary plans for residence hall are online


· Look for All-L explaining the process and motivation of the residence hall construction


· Explained there will be a bed count of 92 between the 2 new buildings making the total bed count on campus of 800


· Announced new feature on Digest—weekly public safety report



Dean of Work—Ian Robertson


· Reported Work Program passed along the WPO goals and objectives to the trustees’ education committee


· Announced New draft of student evaluation available online


· Reported Long Range Land Use Planning Committee has met twice; is looking at map; redefining borders with expertise of David Abernathy


· Announced he will be going to Shelton Jackson College in Sitga, Alaska over fall break with student Maggie Hill to serve as consultants as the college reinstates its work program


· Introduced Karen Joselyn, the new Garden Manager; Forum applauded and welcomed her



Coordinator of Service Learning Program—Franklin Tate


· Announced fall break service trips to Louisiana will leave on Friday, October 14 at 6:00 p.m. and arrive in New Iberia at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday


· Announced fundraising for trips has reached $4400; $2600 has come from donations, $1800 from student fundraisers; looking for funding from WPO and ELC; will apply for Katrina grants from Bonner Foundation


· Announced possibility of students returning to New Iberia for spring break service trips


· Thanked folks for donations, especially Liz Brace for safety equipment, Lucy Lawrence and her class for training and panel, Mary Craig and College Development; thanked trip leaders: Jason, Britt, Keri, Richard, Jonna, John, Natasha


· Reported he participated in student life and education committees during trustees’ meeting


· Announced he is working with Jennifer Fish and Michael Torres at learn and serve e-grant for $60,000



4. Trustees’ Report—Heidi Zednick


· Announced she had lots of information


· Explained the trustees are great folks


· Acknowledged history of mistrust and miscommunication


· Explained she served on personnel committee during trustees’ meeting


· Announced approval of new staff positions: second full-time position in residence life; one position in public safety; one position in student life for wellness and counseling; one full-time position in psychology


· Explained she served on student life committee also


· How does WWC plan for disaster? Liz Brace is developing disaster response plan


· Non-traditional revenue task force of students, staff, and faculty with respect to cultural and financial issues


· Hub project—community, culture, economy; slots available for committee; Larry Modlin was recommended and possibly faculty



5. Staff Forum Leadership Team Update—Sandra Hayslette


· Thanked committees for working on questions


· Announced business affairs will present on new construction and dog policy in the next couple of meetings


· Thanked everyone for suggestions and patience


· Explained officers from Staff Forum, Staff Body, and Faculty Body have met to talk about common issues



6. Pathways Life After Cancer—Mary Rich Hill


· Provided history of the program


· Explained how emotional health impacts physical health and may alter disease


· Explained her agency provides workplace support programs to create social support and offer emotional support for 1.) people living with cancer; 2.) co-workers


· Explained five-week program; pilot program for WWC at no charge; waiting for interest to begin programs on campus


· Contact Gail Baylor if you’re interested in participating



7. New Business


· Big Marketing Group Request


§ Jon Hettrick made motion for staff forum representatives to group; seconded by Paul Frelick


§ Send nominations to SFLT


· Sandra provided information regarding t
he representative model for governance


§ Explained officers of Staff Forum, Staff Body, Faculty Body, and task force have met to talk about the process to insure clarity


· Clay Gibson, Student Caucus Co-Convener


§ Thanked us for our time


§ Announced caucus passed resolution last week to hire two new personnel for public safety; bringing resolution to Staff Forum for vote


§ Explained he sent resolution to President’s office


§ Read resolution: Whereas, it is the obligation of the College to ensure the safety and welfare of all community members and property; Whereas Bret Sokolow, the college’s risk management consultant, has recommended an increase in public safety personnel; Whereas the College has the same number of public safety personnel as we did several years ago with a significantly smaller student body; It is the sense of the Student Body, expressed through the Student Caucus, that the College needs to hire two addition Public Safety Officers. One Officer should be hired by January 1, 2006, with the second hired by July 1, 2006.


§ Cathy Kramer responded that additional safety officer is in the budget


§ Doug Orr explained fiscal plan approved by trustees last year


§ Paul Frelick made motion to accept resolution and postpone discussion; Laura Herrmann seconded motion



8. Announcements


· Mary Craig introduced Sally Weldon, new data processor in College Relations; applause and welcome


· Sandra announced quilting by Appalachian Handicraft class—quilts going to Gulf Coast; for every half hour you donate, Sandra will make a donation to the trip


· Richard Sanders asked for two big coolers for service trips


· Lucy Lawrence announced Social Work Practice II Fall Festival for children of families relocated by Hurricane Katrina on Monday, October 31; all are invited



9. Adjournment


Jon Hettrick made motion to adjourn; Liz Brace seconded motion. Staff Forum adjourned at 5:15 p.m.



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