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Women\’s soccer — final home game

Tennessee Weslyan college showed up with lots more subs than us (we only had two today due to fall break travel) — a hot Norwegian girl that had scored the game winner in both the Montreat and Brevard game (Christy has been spying on them); and one forward that was 6 foot tall.

Their extra subs were no big deal; we used Lauren Kriel to run their defense around as if she were 4 or 5 people. The Norwegian — not a problem. Kiki and Sarah G. snuffed her out with their prowess. The six foot girl sat on the bench. The altitude must have been a bit much for her. The farm girls had been a little apprehensive because TWU had beat some schools that had beat us, but we dominated the entire first half, even though their touch was a bit better and their shots a bit harder. At 26 minutes, their #18 snuck in and scored.

At the half the score was 0-1.

Seven minutes into the second half, Amanda Williams beat about 14 enemy players and the keeper and scored, bringing the game to a tie. Emilie Holzer was having the best game of her season in the goal. Weesie and Mel were making great sprints over and over at the fast little volunteers. Lily and Audrey kept making incredible runs — usually 45-60 yards long from where they’d win the ball. The midfield, Meg Evans, Amy Witt, and Shannon Waldron made pass after pass and tackle after tackle, but less than 10 minutes before the game ended, the bad guys scored one more time (only their second shot on the face of the goal the second half)…a sort of impossible thing that hit the post and went in instead of bouncing out like the laws of physics require. We fought hard to the bitter end, Amanda Williams got knocked down so hard by 3 blue players that we had to help her off. And Lauren Kriel couldn’t quite perfect her bicycle kick, so the last game sadly ended 1-2.

Thus ends our season with a 5 wins, 8 losses and 1 tie.

We gave roses to our four seniors: KiKi Seaburg, Lily Doyle, Weesie Pigman, and Audrey Williamson. We will miss every inch of each one of them. Audrey posed with her left leg wrapped in three places (knee, ankle and quad) and a big strawberry on her thigh…sort of a tribute to the guts and glory of the whole season. We wish we could take this team to the Nationals in Indiana, I think we will be requested to come, but all those teams will have to wait until next year to experience the Wilson way.



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