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Staff Forum — Wednesday, 4 p.m., Canon Lounge

Staff Forum Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Canon Lounge
4:00 p.m.

1.    Approval of minutes from September 28, 2005 meeting

2.    President’s Report-Doug Orr

3.    Deans’ Report-John Casey, Cathy Kramer, Ian Robertson, Franklin Tate

4.    Trustees’ Report-Heidi Zednick

5.    Staff Forum Leadership Team Update-Sandra Hayslette

Old Business:

6.    Pathways Life After Cancer-Mary Rich Hill

7.    Call for New Business:

       *Big Marketing Group Request-Jon Hettrick

       *Proposal from officers of Staff Body, Faculty Body, Staff Forum-Liz Brace

8.    Announcements

9.    Adjournment


Staff Forum Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2005

Sandra Hayslette convened the meeting at 4:06 p.m.  Approximately 80 people attended over the course of the meeting.

1.    Approval of September 14, 2005 minutes

Joy Pastucha moved to accept the minutes.  Liz Brace seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.

2.    President’s Report-Doug Orr
·    Reported the re-established Long Range Land Use Planning Committee is looking at land use of the college, contiguous land use with neighbors; revisiting pattern language; investigating sites for faculty/staff language
·    Reported Harold Glasser will be working on ideas for first year seminar, development of a campus sustainability assessment tool, UN-sponsored programs
·    Reported Greening Committee is looking at issue of emissions; is planning to update the green walkabout primer; is working with ELC on a sustainability tool
·    Announced upcoming events:
o    Homecoming this weekend Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2
o    Board of Trustees meeting beginning Thursday, October 6-Trustees will be discussing fiduciary responsibilities of the college and nontraditional revenue possibilities
·    Reported success of first West Coast reception in six years; visited with alumni, friends, parents, and prospective students; provided alumni updates
·    Reported college will continue fundraising for Fall Break service trips

3.    Deans’ Report
    Dean of the College-John Casey
·    Reported deadlines have been met for submissions of new course proposals, Spring schedules, and special topics proposals

Dean of Student Life-Cathy Kramer
·    Reported success of Family Weekend with events: receptions, brunch, Heartstone reading, Field Day, evening event; reported experiment of having beer for purchase at evening event; thanked Cathy Clark for her work in managing logistics
·    Reported residence hall construction consultants held five open meetings on campus; no consensus has been reached about style but trends have emerged; new residence halls will be two buildings, apartment style, mix of doubles and singles with four-six occupants sharing a bathroom; building will be 2 ½ stories with breezeways; there are issues regarding parking; projected timeline has construction completed on August 1, 2006 for move-in for Fall 2006; will put plans and information on website
·    Announced recruitment for Sexual Assault Response Team to serve as advocates for complainants and accused; recruitment also for Administrative Hearing Board comprised of five individuals, three to serve for each hearing; requested gender balance for both SART and Administrative Hearing Board
·    Reported first Bubba of the year will be Saturday, October 1 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. at Dogwood; requested staff/faculty to help; expressed desire to build partnerships with students for positive community events; provided directions to Dogwood and encouraged body to find invitations in their mailboxes

Dean of Work-Ian Robertson
·    Requested us to report students with issues to the appropriate areas for Early Support to determine appropriate interventions; inform Casey for academics, Cathy Kramer for Student Life, and Karen Huntley for work in order for them to work in concert to help students
·    Reported WPAC will meet tomorrow to redesign student evaluation to make it more concise and include a self evaluation component; new evaluations to start in Spring 2006 or Fall 2006

Coordinator of Service Learning-Franklin Tate
·    Reported great response to lottery for Fall Break Hurricane relief service trips; four trips all going to New Iberia, LA to work with the Southern Mutual Help Association; working with Lucy Lawrence’s SWK 420 class on training students for trips on October 6 and doing a community meeting with returned relief workers on Tuesday, October 11; seven staff will serve as trip leaders
·    Guesses more trips can go back to continue relief work during Winter Break
·    Reported development of skills inventory to spread out skills and training for service trip groups
·    Announced SLO is working with Doug and community on fundraising for Fall Break service trips; currently have $3500; will have dunking booth at Festival on the Field; concert at Orange Peel on Saturday, October 1–$1 ticket with proceeds funding break trips; 500 – 1000 Katrina bumper stickers will be for sale for $3 during homecoming
·    Body applauded Franklin for his work

4.    Staff Forum Leadership Team Update-Jon Hettrick
·    Reported SFLT is currently contacting committees with list of questions; we’re taking questions from suggestion box and funneling them to appropriate committees; urges folks to continue to give suggestions
·    Encourages us to look at the list of Staff Forum duties online
·    Reported recent correspondence; read letter from Doug to SFLT regarding Long Range Land Use Planning Committee
·    Sandra clarified suggestion box

Old Business:

5.    Motion to approve Personnel Committee Recommendation
·    Sandra read the following motion:
Two clusters of homes, which shall be treated as subdivision for tax purposed shall be offered for sale, as per the instruction of the Board of Trustees.   These dwellings shall be offered to existing occupants, who may continue to rent for up to 24 months or purchase the dwelling at the appraised value at any point during the 24 months following the adoption of the motion, under the standard provisions utilized at College View and Daisy Hill

·    Sandra opened the floor for debate and discussion

Franklin Tate voiced confusion because of logistics of making vote

Sandra recapped discussion from last meeting

David Mycoff, Staff Forum Parliamentarian, clarified that we are voting on the main motion

Paul Frelick pointed out process that motion must be voted on at following meeting at old business

Martha Knight-Oakley voiced concerns over process; voiced same concerns Vicki Garlock raised in email; pointed out we did not hear about Personnel Committee vote at Staff Forum before Trustees meeting in
order to make a recommendation; this process didn’t happen; pointed out we did not hear or see financial rationale for sale

Question asked about how abstentions count.  David Mycoff clarified an abstention is recorded as a stand aside

Gretchen Whipple pointed out abstention does not give explanation

Susan Kask raised question about impact of sale of houses on staff/faculty benefits; sale is reducing stock of subsidized housing; asked Personnel Committee, Doug, and Larry to discuss how this affects benefits

Marty O’Keefe expressed she is in the same quandary as Martha; she is saddened and angry shared governance has been blatantly usurped; this doesn’t mean we have to follow through on mistakes
Paul Frelick shared his anger; explained he will vote for the recommendation because the importance is the effect of the motion; it is important for people whose lives are affected; does not suggest abstaining

Laura Herrmann pointed out pricing of houses is $1000 – $100,000

Larry Modlin explained commercial appraiser will appraise houses just as he would rental properties-multiply value by 5%–this is a consistent, fair approach; explained land will sell for $1

Jim Lauer urged us to vote for motion; urged us to write a letter expressing displeasure of process and then have subcommittee write letter

Vicki Garlock questioned Doug’s announcement of looking at property for staff/faculty housing-are we going to build more houses?

Liz Brace echoed she would like more information too

Casey clarified the sale of houses is defraying the cost for the land we’ve already bought

Larry responded Long Range Land Use Planning Committee is looking at option within the land we own; first they are looking at what are the spots for potential growth

Mallory McDuff expressed she has lots of questions; wanted to know the implications for folks interested in buying homes and what is the protocol;  are we still in the same financial position we were in Spring?

Doug responded there is no present plan to see more houses; financial planning is part of long range planning; WWC is heavily land-invested, over-extended in real estate ownership; Trustees have concerns about this

Mallory: did selling idea come from Trustees?

Doug responded financial subcommittee of Board of Trustees looking at long range financial planning explored alternative income generation and real estate sales

Mallory responded this was not the information we received at the last Staff Forum meeting

Vicki expressed her confusion because of issues of real estate and building; pointed out Larry’s proposal went to Personnel Committee in November 2004

Martha asked for help in understanding short term budget balancing and long range financial planning

Ali Climo asked if sale of four houses make dent in finances of college

Liz: How can we get more information regarding finances of sale of houses?
Larry responded sale of houses will generate $500,000; college is committed to so many expenses; eroded reserves for plant maintenance due to loss of 90 students from Fall 2004 to Spring 2005 enrollment

David Mycoff asked about costs per year of bill on property; what is the goal for the funds?

Liz reiterated her questions regarding public knowledge of finances

Paul Bartels expressed quandary of voting yes to support college at expense of staff/faculty benefits; no puts Staff Forum in a bind

Martha pointed out Trustees have made decision; voting is on Personnel Committee decision on how property is sold and who may buy property

Casey cautioned use of "benefit", encouraged use of "advantage"

Laura Herrmann pointed out report of funds that have been raised is available in College Relations

Jim Lauer called the question; moved to stop debate and vote on recommendation

Opinion of co-conveners determined vote in favor of calling the question

Sandra read motion:
Two clusters of homes, which shall be treated as subdivision for tax purposed shall be offered for sale, as per the instruction of the Board of Trustees.   These dwellings shall be offered to existing occupants, who may continue to rent for up to 24 months or purchase the dwelling at the appraised value at any point during the 24 months following the adoption of the motion, under the standard provisions utilized at College View and Daisy Hill

Vicki made motion to vote by paper ballot; seconded by Gretchen; vote passed

Co-conveners passed out paper ballots and pencils

Parliamentarian, David Mycoff, and Liz Brace counted votes: 48 yes, 11 no, 9 abstentions: motion passes

Jon announced Paul Braese, scheduled to give FMTS update will speak at another time due to lateness of meeting

New Business: None

6.    Announcements
John Huie announced publication of story on WWC’s sustainability; offered copies to those interested

Jon announced Homecoming events:
o    BBQ on Friday at farm
o    Award in Kitteridge, Saturday 10:00 a.m.-Rodney Lytle will be recognized for his service to the greater community
o    Fundraising dunking booth
o    Festival on the Field will be huge
o    Dance on Saturday night with sale of beer and wine
o    Showing of original "Herbie the Love Bug" in Sunderland tent on Saturday night
Jon thanked volunteers and crews for work on Homecoming

Kim Webb from SWK 420 announced training for Fall Break service trips on Thursday, October 6 and community meeting with panel of returned relief workers on Tuesday, October 11

Andy Summers announced visitors from Witness for Peace will be on campus Monday, October 10; offers speakers for classes; speakers will give presentation at 7:00 p.m. in Canon Lounge

Jon Hettrick made motion to adjourn; Liz Brace seconded; meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.


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